Refund Options


Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL)
We can file your return and have your loan available within two days. This option will save you money and save you time. No more waiting six weeks for a check that could get lost in the mail! If you make this choice, you pay nothing up front and your total fees are deducted from the refund.

Electronic Refund Check (ERC)
You can save money by choosing our Electronic Refund Check. You still receive all the benefits of electronic filing, but you wait 10-14 days for your money. Your total processing fees are deducted from your loan check.

Direct Deposit
If none of the refund loan options are convenient for you we are able to still process your return the “old-fashioned way”! And you will get the e-file accuracy, pay lower fees and have your refund mailed to you or direct deposited into your bank account from the IRS. At COLBERT/BALL, we are committed to providing each of our clients with the option they are most comfortable using. Our desire is to make your income tax filing as painless and as stress free as possible!